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How do you choose a Fertility Clinic?

  1. A good fertility clinic will never give you guarantees of pregnancy from fertility therapies
  2. The best fertility clinics practicing honest evidence based medicine, seldom get success rates beyond 40%
  3. Steer clear of fertility clinics that charge packages!, Fertility therapies is not about buying babies from packages
  4. good fertility clinic will always choose less invasive treatment options as a first line management for couples
  5. Most Uncertified Fertility clinics in Chennai are these days running the clinic with Medical professionals who do not have even 6 months of training in offering Fertility therapies. Stay away from these places
  6. IVF treatments in Chennai, sadly to state, has become commercialized to the extent, any Tom, dick, and Harry regardless of his/her background wants to start an IVF Clinic
  7. These issues simply arise, because fertility treatments in Chennai and all across India is strictly unregulated by the government
  8. Finding the right infertility specialist in Chennai can be a demanding task sometimes, this is why we closely network with the top infertility specialist in Chennai and their respective clinics and guide you through the right treatment strategy
  9. Many Fertility specialists in Chennai, are usually self-proclaimed specialists and do not have the right training or educational background to offer complex fertility treatments.Thus it is always wise to go to places who employ genuine trained experts in the field of fertility.

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Infertility specialist in Chennai :

Dr. Shah’s Clinic offer’s Fertility Treatments from the best Infertility specialists in Chennai…

Dr. Shah’s Clinic for Male Infertility and Sexual health is a state of the art Fertility and Sexual health clinic based in Chennai. With a humble beginning and a deeply rooted philosophy of doing good to couples suffering from Infertility.

Dr. Shah’s clinic operates in three locations and provides both online and offline consultations for fertility and sexual health issues

Started by Dr. Shah a well-respected Infertility specialist/Sexologist based in Chennai, the clinic aims to provide genuinely high-quality treatment advice and altruistic treatments for couples facing fertility problems.

The core aim of the Fertility clinic is to provide an honest and unbiased advice to couples facing infertility.

We understand that infertility can be a demanding problem that requires the best fertility treatment possible.

As a leading infertility specialist in Chennai, Dr. Shah believes strongly in treating infertility through a non-invasive/non-surgical and natural treatment based approach.

He is a well-respected infertility specialist and sexologist in Chennai. His passion lies in helping couples charitably through their fertility problems. He strictly believes in low cost and affordable fertility treatments.

Our word is our commitment – We will help you!

Fertility and/or sexual health issues can destroy a beautiful marriage and/or a relationship. Most couples do not take professional help until it is very late into marriage or unless a significant number of years is lost trying to self-assess or sort out medical issues without taking any professional help.

However, this is not the right thing to do. Remember, do not think twice about taking professional help for your issues. Sometimes a simple consult with the right fertility clinic in Chennai is all it takes to diagnose or treat an underlying problem.

“We strictly believe infertility treatments should be free and thus we routinely offer free consultations for patients, we have helped 10,000’s of couple charitably through their fertility journey. We can do the same for you….that is a promise from us to you.”

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“If you are facing a fertility or sexual health issue, we urge you to take the effort to fill the form below, Our Infertility specilist in Chennai will get in touch within 24 hours”

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Meet Dr. Shah at the Male Infertility & Sexual health Clinic

Dr. Shah is Consultant Andrologist and Sexologist in Chennai. His passion for helping men facing infertility issues stems from the fact that “Men never ever get the care they deserve as far as fertility treatments is concerned”

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