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The Most Shocking Fact About Mens Health is that....

Men never ever get the expert care they deserve and more importantly over 85% of of fertility units do not employ qualified professionals trained to deal with male infertility and male sexual health

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"We suffered from infertility for 21 years. We met Dr. Shah a year back. He and his team helped us overcome the complex problems we had... and now we are parents of two beautiful children"
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lives @ OMR, Chennai
"I suffered from severe erectile dysfunction that was destroying my marriage. The erection problem was so severe that we were forced to go forced to go for IVF by many clinics. I came to know Dr. Shah from a close friend. After three months of treatment, my problem is history. My wife conceived naturally. I would recommend Dr. Shah to anyone facing a fertility issue"
The sweetest couple
lives @ T-Nagar, Chennai
Mine was a love marriage. But..the biggest void in my life was that we had no children for 5 years. People around us mocked us and this kept disturbing us mentally. We met Dr. Shah on recommendation by a close friend, after 3 months of treatment, we now have a beatiful girl baby. Thank you dear doctor and god bless you...
A loving couple
lives @ Adyar, Chennai
"Dr. Shah is a phenomenal. He is extremely scientific in his approach. Of all the infertility specialist I met, he is the best. His ability to carry you through your treatments is unmatched, I will recommend him to anyone facing a problem with their fertility"
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lives @ Chetpet, Chennai
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Meet the Expert!

Dr. Shah is among the very few elite experts board certified and trained in the clinical/surgical and ART (Assisted reproductive treatment) management of male infertility and both male and female sexual health. He is a gold medalist and an award winning doctor. He has conducted and partaken in numerous charitable events to help couples through their infertility altruistically. He has published numerous scientific papers/textbooks and patents in his field. He is currently considered by many of his peers as India's top specialist certified and trained in the complete management of Male Reproductive Health.

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Dr. Shah is Consultant Andrologist and Sexologist in Chennai. His passion for helping men facing infertility issues stems from the fact that “Men never ever get the care they deserve as far as fertility treatments is concerned”

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