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"We love what we do. Let us help you through your reproductive journey and your family life."

Today infertility and sexual health problems globally affects over 250 million couples. As per the WHO at least one in six couples actively trying for a child seems to face some sort of difficulty.

What is even more saddening and depressing is that, infertility treatments are not yet borne by the public healthcare system especially in a country like India which is the second largest population in the world.

Private providers of fertility services are also left with no choice but to charge exorbitantly for fertility treatments. The average cost of IVF treatments in Chennai ranges from 1.5 to 3.00 lakh rupee.

Price is one thing to worry about…


the story does not end there, most fertility clinics in Chennai are so busy focusing on the female partner of the couple, and simply ignoring the male partner. The Joke is on the clinic though and partly on the couple..

Since over 60% of the time the cause of infertility lies exclusively in the male. Male infertility is rampantly on the rise and there are very few specialist trained to deal with male fertility issues.

The Aim of Dr. Shah’s Clinic is rather simple, we want to be the one stop solution for Men’s Reproductive Health.

All we want to do is make a significant difference to your family life and play a small role in helping you become a father.

We also want to provide you (the most important person in the world)…with fertility and sexual health services that are

  1. Ethical
  2. Affordable
  3. Successful
  4. Natural

As a part of our social outreach Dr. Shah’s Clinic will offer free online fertility consults on Thursdays between 9:00 to 4:00.

We look forward eagerly to helping you solve your reproductive health issues..

After all…

“A good reproductive health is your fundamental right”

Meet Dr. Shah at the Male Infertility & Sexual health Clinic

Dr. Shah is Consultant Andrologist and Sexologist in Chennai. His passion for helping men facing infertility issues stems from the fact that “Men never ever get the care they deserve as far as fertility treatments is concerned”

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