Where can I find an Andrologist in Chennai?

An Andrologist is a certified medical doctor who is trained to be an expert in treating male infertility and sexual health issues. Dr. Shah is a leading Andrologist in Chennai well known for his expertise in treating male infertility and sexual health issues. You can get a free consult with Dr. Shah here..


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What is Andrology?

The word Andrology derives from the Greek word Andros which means MAN. To state in simple terms it is the branch of medicine that deals with all aspects of a man’s reproductive and sexual health.


Who is an Andrologist?

Any board certified medical doctor who has had at least year or two of training in Andrology and who has experience in treating men specifically for reproductive and sexual issues is an Andrologist.

A good Andrologist would have a myriad of skills and is capable of

A. Clinically evaluating a patient presenting to the clinic with male infertility

B. Performing an in depth physical exam and also be capable of surgically/medically treating the male infertility.

C. On an additional note a good Andrologist would also deal with all aspects of a male sexual life by providing psychological counseling and treatment for a variety of sexual disorders


How many practicing Andrology Specialists are there in India?

We know that Andrologists are few in number and are a very elite group of practitioners!.

There are probably less than 100 certified Andrologists in India and most of them practice in major cities.

The Medical Council of India is currently not very keen to recognize Andrology as a separate specialty or sub specialty, although abroad Andrology is a very well recognized super specialty.


Is a Gynecologist an Andrologist?

Well that is a tricky question!.

If the gynecologist is experienced and/or trained in the field of Men’s reproductive and sexual health she/he can provide Andrology consultations and perform expert procedures.

If not, then it is ultimately the patients choice to decide based on their comfort and convenience. Gynecologist do not normally receive a formal training in medical school in handling the specialized reproductive and sexual needs of a male patient


If not a Gynecologist, can I visit a Urologist for my problem?

Andrology is board certified super specialty of Urology at least in the European union.

Andrology is now slowly gaining popularity as a separate branch of medicine.

A urologist can be a good Andrologist provided he/she completes the requisite training program in the field. This could be a fellowship training or a PhD with a clinical study based on Andrology.

Urologists are amazing set of medical practitioners with phenomenal surgical skills. As with gynecologists, Urologists in India also unfortunately are not put through a formal training program in Andrology and this is because there is a paucity of Andrology departments in both the government and private sector hospitals. In a few developing places, Sexologists are frequently confused with Andrologists atleast in a few developing places around the world.



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