Male infertility is seldom given any importance…


Male Health has been neglected, it is a subject of shame and a great failure on the Indian healthcare system.

Men feel “less men” when diagnosed with infertility and/or sexual dysfunction.

male infertility | Men are frequently mistreated
Men never get the right treatment or care in an infertility unit. We are here to change just that…

Today IVF clinics are treating the ‘sperm’ and not the man producing it. The sperm has thus become the ‘cellular patient’.


The cardinal question to ask is….Are men just Spermiators? (Sperm producing factories). Do they not deserve an expert evaluation and an evidence based medical management?.


This resource page will hopefully provide a comprehensive outline on Men’s health for doctors and patients alike. This is my personal initiative to change the way men are treated at the primary, secondary and tertiary health care level.


This page will also launch India’s first VIRTUAL ANDROLOGY CLINIC, were I will provide my personal expertise to address the pressing medical/social/psychological issues surrounding male infertility and sexual medicine

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