How to choose a Fertility Clinic?

How to choose a Fertility Clinic?

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Fertility center in Chennai?. How do you choose the right one?


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Did you know that there are over 30 registered fertility centers in chennai?. But…which is the right one?

Hi, this is Dr. Shah and I am practicing Infertility specialist in Chennai and I absolutely love helping couples through their fertility journey!


In today’s post, I am going to share with you a few tips on choosing the right fertility clinic…


With over 30 to 50 fertility center in chennai, choosing the best fertility center in chennai, can be a challenging task!


Infertility is a daunting problem for most couples, I know the pain that couples undergo when they are told that they will never be able to bear a child in a natural way.


Fertility treatments are and will be extremely depressing and frustrating, especially when you are not getting the right attention and treatment.

fertility center in chennai | Fertility treatments are depressing

Selecting the right fertility clinic for your treatment is half the battle won. However, the most important question to ask is…


When should you visit a fertility clinic for a treatment?.

A. You are older than 35 years of age.

B. Your partner has a semen report that shows visible issues with sperm concentration, motility and/or sperm morphology

C. You have had multiple previous miscarriages or failed pregnancies

D. You are under 35 years of age, but could not conceive after 12 months of trying

What are the common questions you should ask your fertility clinic?

Remember, it is very common to find multiple fertility centers in chennai, stating to be the best hospitals for IVF, in a busy city like chennai. But do also note….


….that not all fertility clinics in chennai are created equal. 

fertility center in chennai | not all fertility clinics are equal


Here are a few suggestions that can help you in choosing the best fertility clinic…

TIP 1: Does the clinic employ trained reproductive medicine specialists or infertility specialist?. Do check this out.

TIP 2: Do have a close look at the clinic’s website. If the clinic’s website gives you a solid guarantee of taking a baby home…you are better off looking elsewhere

TIP 3: Do stay away or steer away from places that offer you unrealistic 80 to 90 % success rates from an IVF procedure, this is impossible.

TIP 4: Do also check if the clinic has an upper age limit for fertility treatments. If they do have it, then you know for sure, they are concerned about your health and do follow some ethics.

TIP 5: Ask the clinic about all the fertility procedures they would commonly perform, google it up and learn and see if it is the latest!

TIP 6: Remember to ask the fertility clinic on the cost of fertility treatments?, or the cost of IVF treatments?. It is sometimes, better to know up front what you are getting into.

TIP 7: Large vs small – remember fertility is something very close to your heart, sometimes it may be wise to visit doctors who go the extra mile and give you a more personal touch in your treatments, rather than spend fleeting moments with you.

TIP 8: Location does not matter!. Trust me when I tell you this…go the extra mile or hour to visit the fertility specialist you are comfortable with.

TIP 9: Medical professionals work as a team, sometimes you need all the support you can get. If your fertility specialist is able to see through your pain and is able to feel what you feel, maybe that clinic is the right place…

TIP 10: Trust yourself. No question is ever a dumb question, make sure you understand every step of the fertility treatment procedure. If you do not get a positive response, look at other places.


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We hope you enjoyed reading this article, this is Dr. Shah, Consultant in Male Infertility and Sexual Medicine and eagerly I look forward to seeing you soon in my next article, till then be happy and may all your fertility dreams and wishes be fulfilled…


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