How To Know Sperm Count Without Test ?


This is Dr. Shah, Consultant in Male Infertility and Sexual Health and in today’s short post we are going to discuss on the question – “How To Know Sperm Count Without Test?”

Now, I am sure you are aware of the fact that male infertility is rampantly rising all around the globe.

But, most men, who come to a fertility clinic to meet and infertility specialist frequently shy away from any type of testing related to sperm or semen in general.

However, you can’t blame them!!

Furthermore, the feeling of discomfort further rises when these guys meet an infertility specialist who is not a female!. This is more so true in a conservative city like Chennai.

Most men who come to me for an infertility evaluation are pretty open about their problems, yet, a small fraction of them ask me this question time and again…

“How To Know Sperm Count Without Test?”

Here is the honest answer…

There is no accurate way to determine the exact sperm count without a proper and full-fledged semen analysis!

how to know sperm count without test

Sorry to disappoint, but that is the absolute truth!. I swear!

There are numerous sperm check at home kits being sold online that claim to tell if your sperm count test is normal


That is very, very, I mean very far from the truth

Just remember, that none of these kits can ever guarantee your ability to father a child!.

Sadly, none of these at home kits that claim to assess sperm count are sensitive or specific enough to detect zero sperm count specifically.

However, there are few kits that are sensitive enough for sperm counts up to 2 million/ml, I will reserve my judgment on them.

The semen analysis test even for a single male can change from place to place and time to time.

I only recommend doing a proper semen analysis as per the WHO 2010 Laboratory andrology guidelines from a well-certified lab

I good report usually will give you the following metrics on your semen

  1. Sperm count
  2. The Sperm motility along with three subtypes as follows a) sperm progressive motility b) sperm non-progressive motility c) immotile sperm
  3. The Sperm morphology and other types of sperm defects
  4. Vitality of sperm
  5. Semen Volume, Ph and a host of other data

And, that is not the end of the story!

Every man who ever has a semen analysis should get a clinical workup that includes

  1. an in-depth male history taking
  2. and also a thorough physical examination of his testis size and other reproductive organs

At this juncture, I should also tell you that your semen is a very complex fluid.

Every parameter of semen, and especially the sperm count, motility and morphology can change from one report to another.

Anything about Sperm biology usually is darn confusing!.

Normal sperm count | How To Know Sperm Count Without Test ?


What is the normal sperm count?

That is about 15 million sperms per ml of semen!. Just remember that, the next time you look at your test results.


And do not get upset if you get a bad result, just get it rechecked in a proper well-certified andrology laboratory!

I hope you enjoyed this short read on…

“How To Know Sperm Count Without Test?”

This is Dr. Shah, Consultant in Male Infertility & Sexual Health,

Do drop in your questions in the form below!


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